The public market

At ASCEND GRP, it’s our mission to find investment alternatives that meet the needs of our demanding clients. Although our approach to investments often involves private-asset alternatives, that doesn’t mean we dismiss opportunities in the public markets, either.

In fact, at ASCEND GRP, we use our experience in alternative/private assets to complement our approach to public assets, too. Investing is often about forming relationships within the investment community, and the lines between private and public investing aren’t as stark as they once were.

Finding the right opportunities

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There are numerous benefits to tapping the public-equity market. Compared to private equity, the public market contains no shortage of, you guessed it, publicly available information and government-regulated disclosure requirements. Although these are sometimes seen as limiting the possibility of capital returns, at ASCEND GRP, we don’t believe this is the case.

At ASCEND GRP, our team of experienced and dedicated professionals not only use their developed relationships within the investment community to gather information and find investment opportunities, but we have committed research capabilities that filter through publicly-available information to provide clients a competitive edge.

A competitive edge

The challenge with public markets is to see in them what others don’t. That’s what we do here at ASCEND GRP. We literally scour the planet to find investment opportunities that meet the high demands of our various clientele, and use our expertise — in people and information — to provide investment opportunities that outperform more traditional approaches.

Talk to us today to find out how you can maximize your investment opportunities in the public market. We look forward to hearing from you.

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