Strategic management

A primary reason for the formation of ASCEND GRP is that we developed a need to leverage our experience in a way that further serves our client base. As a result, we use our expertise in various financial markets, especially when it comes to alternative investing, in a way that serves the specific interests of institutional, high-net-worth and other investors.

Standing out from the crowd

When it comes to investing, there is no shortage of cookie-cutter solutions out there, especially those that simply follow the trends established by others. The capital markets often reflect the so-called “herd mentality” where, what works for one company and one set of investors is, all of a sudden, copied by everyone else.

Standing out from the crowd

That’s not what we do here at ASCEND GRP. Instead, because of our broad and varied experience, which involves specialization in alternative investing, we’re in the business of finding and providing unique investment opportunities that provide historically high yields at acceptable levels of risk. It’s just another part of the ASCEND GRP difference.

A track record of success

As an example, at ASCEND GRP, we have specific experience working in Canada’s mortgages sector in order to provide valued clients with opportunities not found elsewhere in the market. Consequently, in that sector, our clients have their high investment objectives met, as well as diversifying their portfolios, while not being exposed to excessive risk. It’s a basic strategy that has served our client base well.

And we have expanded our investment approach across various capital sectors in order to provide unique opportunities to forward-looking investors. As a result, we engage in leading-edge investment strategies that always focus on providing long-term benefits that are unique to our clients. Examples include the exempt market, the alternative asset market, the private investment market, liability-driven investing, and more.

At ASCEND GRP, we believe in out-performing the rest of the market by leveraging our experience to provide unique opportunities to demanding investors.

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