Private investments

Many investors are aware of public investment opportunities, an example of which can be found in the stock markets, which are reported on every day and come with standard reporting requirements, as well as often standard financial returns too.

What is less known about in the financial and capital markets is private investment, which can take many different forms, and come with their own unique characteristics, as well as investment opportunities.

The value in private investing

Private investment opportunity

Private investment essentially constitutes an investment transaction between a company offering an investment security, such as a stock or bond, and what are often called accredited investors, which can constitute institutional as well as high-net-worth individual investors.

The value that comes with private investment is that investment opportunities can be structured in a way that presents unique rewards, as well as the necessary investment safeguards, that simply can’t be found in the public realm. So, investors looking for unique opportunities that meet demanding investment objectives should be looking at the private markets, especially for organizations with a track record of structuring investments in a way that satisfies clients.

Structured opportunity

One of the advantages of private investing is that, although investment opportunities can always be structured to the individual needs of clients, a long-term perspective can especially be pursued and preserved. As an example, liability-driven investment opportunities offer both individual and institutional investors the opportunity to match current financial investing with future structured liabilities. A retirement plan, or a pension fund, are good examples of this kind of forward-thinking private investment strategy.

As a result, accredited, institutional, and high-net-worth investors, and others, should seriously consider the merits of private investment opportunities that add considerable value to their cherished portfolios. That’s what we specialize in here at ASCEND GRP.

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