Private equity

Traditionally, equity investing was associated with opening up the newspaper, going to the financial pages, looking up the stocks you were interested in buying, and then calling up your stockbroker to either get advice or to simply buy the stocks.

Times have changed, haven’t they? And that’s where private-equity investment comes into play for our clients here at ASCEND GRP.

Seeking unique opportunities

Unlike traditional public equity, private equity doesn’t occur at a stock market or on the financial pages. Instead, private equity involves what’s at the root of almost all forms of investing: matching those in need of capital with those interesting in investing capital. It’s a simple approach to investing but one that works, especially when it comes to private-equity investing.

As with all forms of private investing, private-equity investing differs from that of the public markets in that it doesn’t come with the various reporting and disclosure requirements, which, depending on the type of investing involved, can sometimes get in the way of matching qualified investment opportunities with forward-seeking investors.

Meeting your investment objectives

In addition, private equity involves investors receiving ownership in the companies being invested in, so it’s not necessarily for everyone, but it does provide opportunities to investors seeking above-average returns often not available in the public markets.

Here at ASCEND GRP, we specialize in bringing together investors, with capital, seeking higher returns with well-researched investment opportunities that are sound and profitable. It’s just another part of the ASCEND GRP difference.

Talk to us today to find out how we can help you achieve your investment goals with private-equity investing.

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