Private debt

The challenge in any investment opportunity is to match those who need capital with those who are willing to offer it. This is at the heart of any investment transaction, isn’t it.

With private debt, those that are in need of capital often involve companies that are too big to get financing from small local credit unions, for example, but aren’t perhaps big enough to attract the interest of the big banks.

Those that are willing to offer such companies the capital they’re looking for often include institutional investors seeking greater returns than more traditional public investments, such as bonds.

Unique solutions

Of course, as with any type of investing, strict rules don’t necessarily apply, but these are the general parameters that surround private-debt type of investing. Nevertheless, at ASCEND GRP, we always seek unique opportunities to match investors with investment opportunities that offer the right kind of return that comes with the right kind of risk.

institutional private debt investing

The world of investing in general is becoming a much different place than it was just a decade ago, for a number of reasons. The kinds of returns that that public markets offer have become somewhat predictable, and safe. At the same time, global events, such as the global financial recession, and the banking collapse it triggered in some countries, led to big-banking practices that became safe and, to some, rigid.

As with much of private and alternative investing, that’s where private debt comes in, because it matches investors, including institutional investors, that are seeking a greater return than the traditional markets can offer, with companies that can not only use the much needed capital, but are in a position to pay it back, and with good returns, too.

Opportunities for forward-looking investors

The world of private debt is not a monolith. As with all services offered at ASCEND GRP, we provide custom investment and financing solutions tailored to the needs of our investor clients. As a result, when we explore opportunities in the private debt market, sub-categories can include: direct lending, mezzanine, distressed debt, venture debt, credit opportunities, or any investment situation that matches qualified borrowers with forward-looking investors. That’s what we do here with private-debt investing at ASCEND GRP.

In addition, private debt tends to perform independently of other types of investment classes, therefore providing much needed diversification to any investment portfolio.

Talk to ASEND GRP today to find out how we can meet your investment objectives with private-debt investment tailored to your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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