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At ASCEND GRP, our approach to investing involves a comprehensive analysis of the capital markets to provide alternatives not found with more traditional forms of investing.

This may involve proven investment opportunities we have experience in, but it also might involve new opportunities that have yet to be capitalized on by anyone. If it’s an investment opportunity that we believe will provide exceptional returns at manageable risks, and is suitable for our clients, then it’s part of the ASCEND GRP strategy, as well as the ASCEND GRP difference!


private investing knowledge and experienceFor example, part of our experience in the markets involves direct mortgage investing, particularly in Canada, where we have provided higher-than-average returns for our investors by taking advantage of the country’s alternative mortgage marketplace; a marketplace that also involves a familiarity with the exempt markets, as well as private investments. Canada’s alternative investing marketplace has been a traditionally overlooked opportunity for investors, but it’s one for which we have a track record of success.

However, our approach here at ASCEND GRP isn’t only about doing what we’ve already done. It’s about utilizing our expertise in the capital markets to provide investors with superior-performing assets that come with manageable risk. As a result, we provide solutions that utilize the strengths of the capital markets as a whole, often utilizing an approach that is sometimes referred to as alternative asset management, which can involve a strategy such as liability-driven investing.

A world of opportunity

But, at ASCEND GRP, we don’t simply adhere to one formula or approach to investing. We work with our clients to determine the kinds of investments and returns that align with objectives in a way that manages risk responsibly. As a result, we provide our valued clients with the kind of service, and financial performance, that is unique, uncommon, and designed to outperform traditional investments.

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