Our investors

At ASCEND GRP, our investment strategies and objectives are catered to a specific type of clientele; one that generally consists of a relatively few number of investors, usually institutional or high-net worth individuals, that are looking to invest relatively large amounts of capital in ways that take advantage of specific capital markets, and provide favourable yields, without being exposed to undue risk. It’s just another part of the ASCEND GRP difference.

A unique approach

If you’re this kind of investor, there are reasons why you want to do business specifically with a firm that specializes in this kind of investing. On the one hand, we have a large enough client base that allows us to leverage our assets in ways that generate considerable capital — over the long term, while also providing investment opportunities that are unique to our clients. We also leverage our experience in the alternative and private markets in a way that delivers the kinds of financial returns that are hard to find in the open market.

Private alternative investing

Specifically, one of the benefits of our high-net-worth approach to investors is that we preserve a long-term view of matching current investments with future returns in a way that maximizes benefits while minimizing risk.

Tailored investment solutions

As an example, a liability-driven approach to investments, as the name suggests, offers a “balance sheet” approach in which current assets are utilized to meet future liabilities.

For high-net worth individuals, this might mean a retirement fund that meets specific long-term goals. For institutional investors, this might mean a pension fund that meets long-term capital requirements. Ultimately, it’s you, the investor, that determines the kinds of strategies we deploy on your behalf to get the kind of returns you expect.

The end result is that, at ASCEND GRP, we can provide structured investment alternatives that meet the high demands of high-capital investors.

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