Institutional investors

At ASCEND GRP, we engage in investing that suits the needs of institutional investors. That’s because we engage in private/alternative investing strategies that meet the kinds of investment objectives involved when institutional investors represent the interests of their individual members.

For example, at ASCEND GRP, one of these strategies is liability-driven investing, which matches current investment outlays with future expected liabilities. A type of institutional investor that would typically benefit from this strategy is a pension fund, in which the current premiums paid by members yield future pension benefits.

A long-term approach

But it’s just not pension funds we can help with institutional investing, which can comprise of any organization that invests on behalf of its membership. Such institutional investors can include insurance companies, endowment funds, mutual and hedge funds — or any other larger grouped investing entity.

ASCEND GRP is an ideal investment manager for institutional investors because we have the knowledge and experience needed. We know how to handle the capital amounts involved. We have experience in dealing with the regulatory requirements that come with institutional investors dealing in the private/alternative markets. We provide solutions specifically catered towards meeting the objectives of demanding institutional investors and their members.

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