Individual investors

At ASCEND GRP, our mission is to serve investors with capital to achieve demanding financial objectives. This includes individual investors.

We work with individuals just like you to navigate the field of private investing in a way that maximizes returns without exposure to undue risk. It’s just another part of the ASCEND GRP difference.

The right approach for you

There is a variety of approaches available to individual investors that allows them to achieve specific investment objectives. For example, there is our liability-driven approach to investing, which matches current investment objectives with future liabilities. Specifically, this approach is often used to fund individuals’ retirements, in which current capital investments are tailored to meet future “liabilities” that are incurred during retirement. That’s why it’s called liability-driven investment.

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As another example, the private/alternative investment field is often constituted of what are called the exempt markets, which are available to individual investors, often by qualifying as what’s known as an accredited investor.

Navigating the field of individual investing

Specifically, an exempt market is one that is not bound by prospectus requirements but is still available to investors who have done their due diligence. At ASCEND GRP, we help investors with that due diligence., which also includes how to qualify as an accredited investor so that opportunities not available to everyone can be pursued.

Regardless of the specific types of investments to be pursued, at ASCEND GRP, we specialize in matching demanding individual investors with unique opportunities tailored to specific needs. Talk to us today to find out how we can help you meet your specific investment needs.

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