Hedge funds

At ASCEND GRP, one of our goals is to offer long-term investment solutions that provide growth to a pool of high-net-worth or accredited investors. That’s exactly what hedge funds do.

As the name implies, hedge funds are intended to perform regardless of short-term market fluctuations. In other words, they “hedge” against the volatility of the markets, which aligns nicely with our investment philosophy and approach here at ASCEND GRP. We don’t get sidetracked by financial-news headlines and short-term opinion-making. Instead, we engage in long-term investment strategies working towards the fulfillment of our clients’ forward-looking investment objectives.

The way it works

The way hedge funds are usually structured is that they pool funds together from a number of investors, which are then strategically invested by the fund manager. And such strategic management can take on many different forms. That’s why most hedge funds are named after such specific strategies or investment aims.

You can have hedge funds name for pooled equity, precious metals, or bond portfolios. Although the sky’s the limit when it comes to the types of hedge funds that can be created and managed, their management must be disciplined and goal-oriented in order to achieve desired returns. That’s exactly the kind of approach we take here at ASCEND GRP.

Seeking higher returns, acceptable risk

Although hedge funds have been around for some time, their structure, as well as frequency of use, have varied over the years. Today, hedge funds tend to be part of a trend that’s moving away from traditional investing. That’s because alternative and private investing have proven to provide an opportunity for higher returns without undue risk. That’s exactly the kind of approach we take here at ASCNED GRP to ensure our clients meet their demanding investment objectives.

If you’re looking for opportunities to invest in instruments such as hedge funds, or other forms of private and alternative investing, please talk to us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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