Frequently-asked questions (FAQ)


ASCEND GRP is an investment-management firm whose clients tend to be large institutional or high net-worth individuals seeking higher returns in the private/alternative investment market.

What is private/alternative investing?

Whether it’s called private investing, or alternative investing, it involves investment transactions that aren’t made in traditional public markets such as stock markets. As such, private/alternative investors have more freedom to engage in investment alternatives versus traditional investing.

What are the benefits of private investing?

Private investing doesn’t come with many of the restrictions of public/traditional investing. Those restrictions often involve reporting requirements, such as a prospectus. As a result, the kinds of investments that can be made in the private market are far more numerous, and come with the potential of higher returns?

Is private investing more risky?

It depends on how one looks at risk. Private investing has increased in popularity over the years because traditional investing has been associated with lower risk, but also lower returns. Any investment involves risk, but with private investing, it’s the investors themselves, as well as the investment firms they work with, that help mitigate risk through research, knowledge, and experience.

What kind of investments do you offer?

The simple answer is that we offer investment solutions that meet the specific needs of our clientele. More broadly, there are various types of investments that are generally associated with private investing — such as liability-driven investing, exempt markets, mortgage investing, private debt and equity, corporate and project finance, venture capital, and more. Talk to us to find out the kinds of specific investment opportunities available to you.

Do you qualify as a private investor?

Technically, anyone who wants to invest qualifies as a private investor. However, in many jurisdictions, accredited investors are exempt from certain investment regulations but, to qualify, certain criteria need to be met. If you’re an individual, you need a certain amount of net worth. If you’re an institution or company, other criteria apply. Talk to us about how you might qualify.

Does ASCEND GRP only deal in private investing?

We like simple answers here and, in this case, the simple answer is no. Specifically, we provide investment solutions that are right for our clients. If that means the public markets, we pursue it as vigorously as anything else that helps meet our clients’ investment objectives.


At ASCEND GRP, we specialize in matching investors looking for higher and manageable risk with investment opportunities that meet those criteria. When dealing in the private/alternative markets, it helps to have a roadmap to navigate previously uncharted territory. We provide that roadmap with our experience, contacts and investment expertise.

What if I’m a financial advisor?

If you’re a financial advisor, talk to us. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with the advisor community and believe the kinds of investment opportunities we provide are well suited to many of your clients.

Is there a right time to invest with ASCEND GRP?

Yes. It’s always the right time to invest. If you look at our commentary and blog pages, we’re always talking about the pitfalls of worrying about short-term news and risks. Whether the economy is roaring, or screeching to a halt, the world’s great investors keep investing, and that’s exactly what we do here at ASCEND GRP: match great investors with great investment opportunities — always.

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