Direct mortgage investing

One of the established areas of expertise at ASCEND GRP is the direct investing in mortgages. Many people, including knowledgeable investors, often don’t even see direct mortgage investing as an option for their portfolios, but our track record, as well as the markets, suggest that mortgages fulfill many of the criteria associated with successful investing.

Specifically, in its most basic form, a mortgage is nothing more than a loan provided to a borrower. However, one of the crucial components of mortgages that allow them to be such a reliable financial transaction is that they are backed by the underlying asset, whether it’s a house, commercial property, or any other mortgage asset. Yes, it’s the collateral that makes mortgages more attractive than many other types of loans.

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A world of opportunity

As a consequence, mortgages can serve as an ideal type of investment opportunity. That’s where ASCEND GRP comes in. We have a history of matching investors such as yourself with mortgage borrowers in ways that are beneficial to all parties involves. It’s just another part of the ASCEND GRP difference!

In essence, direct mortgage investing represents an investment opportunity that delivers traditionally high rates of return at relatively low levels of risk. There are many reasons for this. As mentioned, that an underlying asset acts as collateral helps provide some financial certainty. In addition, the mortgage sector in Canada has historically delivered higher-than-average rates of return while protecting investors at risk.

Our expertise

And one of the great benefits of engaging in direct mortgage investing with ASCEND GRP is that we essentially handle all the technicalities, administration and paperwork for you so that all you have to worry about is returns on your investment. Yes, mortgages can be complicated, but our years of experience in the field has resulted in a kind of expertise that is sought by investors, borrowers, and other financial institutions. We are truly an expert in mortgages, and in direct mortgage investing.

Talk to us today to find out the types of direct mortgage investing opportunities available to you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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