Corporate responsibility

At ASCEND GRP, it is one of our most important objectives to pursue all facets of corporate responsibility, which is reflected in how we do business, how we relate to investors, and the impact we make on the world at large.

From the perspective of investors, we not only have a responsibility, duty and obligation to meet and exceed investment objectives, but to do so in a way that safeguards and protects our investors. As a result, we pursue the highest of standards when it comes to the reporting of information to investors, as well as the abiding by all applicable regulatory and legal requirements.

From the perspective of how we do business, and the kinds of relationships we develop within the financial sector, high standards, respect, and integrity are values we hold dearly. We work with professionals in the industry to develop relationships of trust that are, in turn, reflected in how we deliver to investors, as well as how we represent ourselves to the financial community as a whole.


From the perspective of internal governance, at ASCEND GRP, we believe that how we conduct ourselves as an organization is just as important as how we relate to investors, professionals, and the world. In fact, they all go hand-in-hand. We can’t expect to have a positive impact on investing without having our own house in order. Consequently, ASCEND GRP abides by all regulatory requirements surrounding governance, as well as commonly-accepted practices in the field.

From the perspective of the impact we have on the world at large, we believe this is an extremely important factor in all our functions. From the kinds of investments we make and the benefits they accrue — to not only investors, but to the entities we invest into — to the principles of economic and environmental sustainability that guide all our actions, at ASCEND GRP, we strive to have a positive multi-faceted impact globally.

At ASCEND GRP, the terms corporate and responsibility go hand-in-hand as corporate responsibility is one of our most important guiding principles.

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