Corporate finance

The purpose of any investment opportunity is to match those wanting to invest their money — for a desired return, of course — with those that are in need of money, capital, financing in some way. This fundamental principle is at the root of our financial system, and is exactly what we pursue here at ASCEND GRP when it comes to our approach to corporate finance.

In fact, one of the great advantages of dealing with a firm such as ASCEND GRP is that we offer unique investment opportunities that are not only tailor-made for our cherished clients, but that take advantage of the unique opportunities that our out there. And corporate financing is just one such type of opportunity.

A world of opportunity

Corporate investment opportunities

Indeed, many corporations have dedicated departments designed to specifically engage in corporate financing efforts. These efforts can take on many different varieties, depending not only on the corporation seeking financing, and its specific needs, but also on the sources of available funding out there.

That’s where ASCEND GRP steps in. We use our expertise in matching our investment clients with corporate financing opportunities that are generally not available to the average investor. As with all our investment opportunities, ASCEND GRP goes that extra mile, and then some, to ensure the investment objectives of our clients are matched with suitable financing situations.

When it comes to corporate financing, the world of economics has changed over the years, especially recently. Some corporations have difficulty obtaining financing from traditional sources, such as the banks, while, at the same time, going to the local credit union isn’t much of an option, either.

The ASCEND GRP difference

That’s where ASCEND GRP fills in the gap. We have access to large investors willing to finance corporate needs, as well as the ability, knowledge and experience to know specifically which corporations can use such financing and, just as importantly, are able to consistently provide our clients with the kinds of returns they’re looking for, accompanied by acceptable levels of risk.

In addition, corporate financing generally provides the kind of capital growth that forward-looking investors are seeking, versus the predictable and safe returns generally associated with some traditional forms of investing.

Please talk to us today to find out how we can help meet your investment objectives with corporate financing opportunities specifically tailored to your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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