Indirect mortgage investment and mortgage capital deployment constitute the primary areas of specialization for ASCEND MIF, and form the alternative mortgage investment arm of the ASCEND Group of financial entities.

At ASCEND MIF, we use our years of experience in Canada’s mortgage investment sector to provide relatively safe but high-yielding additions to your investment portfolio.

Investors don’t have to be experts in Canadian mortgages to enjoy the favourable returns that the sector has traditionally offered forward-looking investors. That’s where our expertise comes in.

Canada’s mortgage sector is structured so that investors, both domestic and international, can experience the benefits of investing indirectly in mortgages without having to manage significant risk or regulatory adherence. At ASCEND MIF, we manage that for you.

ASCEND MIF is your ASCEND Group destination for secure, predictable and rewarding indirect investment and capital deployment in Canada’s mortgages sector.

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