ASCEND Mortgage Investment CORP. (ASCEND MIC) constitutes the ASCEND Group’s specialization in Canada’s mortgages industry. ASCEND MIC is a full-service mortgage institution that covers various facets of the mortgage sector, including: investment, lending, securitization, administration and more.

At ASCEND MIC, we bring our extensive experience in the mortgages sector to meet the needs of a full range of clients seeking various financial goals, for which we have a track record of recognition and success.

As a duly-formed mortgage investment corporation, serving under federal statute and governance, as well as local jurisdiction and oversight, ASCEND MIC is fully equipped to service vital areas of Canada’s mortgage industry, as well as those interested in participating within each sector, including:

Mortgage lending: The providing of alternative sources of mortgage financing on terms that are competitive with the major banks while providing equity-based lending arrangements that meet the needs of clients.

Mortgage investment: The providing of investment opportunities for forward-looking investors looking to capitalize on the low-risk, high-yield nature of Canada’s mortgages industry. We provide flexible but stable and predictable returns to our clients that simply cannot be found in more traditional low-yield, low-risk alternatives.

Mortgage securitization: Our expertise in mortgage investment is extended further through the creation of investment securities designed to provide the kinds of specific returns mortgage investors are looking for, and that comply with all applicable filing and disclosure regulations.

Mortgage administration: Our expertise in mortgages is extended even further by allowing financial institutions to outsource their mortgage-administration needs. Mortgage compliance can be quite complex, but we’ve done it for many years, and have become quite efficient at processing various mortgage-related administrative tasks and duties.

ASCEND MIC uses its years of mortgage expertise to service clients in all these areas, and more.

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