ASCEND FMC is the ASCEND Group’s division that engages in investment and capital fund management for our valued clients.

We use our years of experience in the financial markets, and specifically within the investment sector, to find investment opportunities that provide relatively high rates of return at attractively low levels of risk.

Our expertise includes the structuring of investment funds and securities in such a way that provides investors with flexibility, but also with predictability and stability, so that specific investment goals can be met, and investment portfolios diversified to meet specific objectives.

We know the regulatory requirements, across Canada, and within provincial jurisdictions, so that our investment opportunities are in full compliance of disclosure and compliance statutes. This not only provides Canadian investors with great opportunity, but also international investors willing to take advantage of favourable conditions specifically available in Canada.

ASCEND FMC is your home for forward-looking investments that meet your financial goals and more.


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