ASCEND AAC is the ASCEND Group division that presides over our alternative-asset management and investment services.

There is no shortage of investment opportunities out there that provide the same predictable returns that are often safe, but low-yielding. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not what we do here at ASCEND AAC.

Instead, we specialize in Canada’s alternative financial markets, where we have a track record of finding and managing investment opportunities that are relatively safe, but also come with higher returns that meet the needs of forward-looking investors.

The word “alternative” doesn’t mean unnecessarily risky. On the contrary, at ASCEND ACC, it means we have the knowledge and experience to not only find investment vehicles that are lucrative and promising, but that are also structured in a way that offers investors predictability and stability — with those higher rates of returns you’re seeking.

ASCEND AAC is the ASCEND GROUP division specializing in alternative investing that provides the returns you’re looking for at acceptable levels of risk.

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