Accredited investors

At ASCEND GRP, we provide investors with opportunities not available in traditional investing. That’s because our approach to investing, and investors, goes beyond the predictable, and the established, to provide new opportunities not found elsewhere.

That’s why accredited investors are welcome here at ASCEND GRP. While the definition of accredited investors differs depending on jurisdiction, what accredited investors all generally have in common are a few characteristics, such as being a business or person with a certain amount of income, net worth, asset size, governing status, or professional experience.

What defines accredited investors?

For example, in Canada, federal provisions stipulate about a dozen requirements to attain accredited investor status, including individuals whose net worth before taxes exceeds $200,000, individuals who have a net worth of at least $5 million, or trust companies and investment funds that meet certain requirements.

What always complicates the business and investment landscape in Canada is that ultimate jurisdiction falls to the provinces. As a result, even though the above federal provisions are often adhered to at the provincial level, there are differences from province to province, including some provinces that don’t even required accredited-investor status to engage in private investing.

Are you an accredited investor?

However, the ultimate benefit of being an accredited investor is to gain access to markets and opportunities not available to other investors. Specifically, accredited investors can generally make private investments that don’t require a prospectus, for example. Consequently, many more opportunities are available to accredited investors than to those that don’t qualify.

Are you not sure if you qualify as an accredited investor? Talk to us today at ASCEND GRP to find out if you do and what investment opportunities await as a result. We look forward to hearing from you.

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