About us

ASCEND GRP specializes in high-end private investment opportunities serving investors seeking high-performance alternatives designed to outperform traditional markets.

We use our experience in the private/alternative markets to offer investors unique opportunities to enhance and expand their portfolios without incurring unnecessary risk. It’s just another part of the ASCNED GRP difference!

Unique opportunities, specific solutions

Our experience is diversified, and so too are our solutions. Our subsidiaries span the spectrum of the capital markets, and offer our valued clients unique services tailored to their specific needs.

Alternative investment solutions

Although we’re located in Canada, and have considerable knowledge of and experience in its private investment opportunities, as well as its regulatory landscape, our efforts transcend borders, and one of our subsidiaries deals specifically with investment opportunities south of the border.

At the forefront of investment evolution

In an international economic landscape that is defying traditional perceptions of investments and returns, ASCEND GRP is at the forefront of providing investors with alternatives that serve you specific needs, meet demanding investment objectives, and maximize the unique opportunities that exist in today’s marketplace.

We look forward to meeting your high-end investment needs.

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